Thai Vegetarian

New Thai Vegetarian Menu at Kinley Thai Bistro

Prepared by our MasterChef from Bangkok, now you can have delicious Vegetarian dish from Thailand. Here are several dishes, we will update more dishes soon. Bring your friends along.

Price dish only and plus rice
1. Thai Vegetarian Sweet & Sour Tofu Rp 25rb / 34rb
2. Thai Vegetarian Basil Tofu Rp 25rb / 34rb
3. Thai Vegetarian Tom Yum Lagenda Rp 25rb / 34rb
4. Thai Vegetarian Tom Yum Bening Rp 25rb / 34rb
5. Thai Vegetarian Omelette Rp 23rb / 32rb
6. Ubi Thailand Rp 26rb
7. Pulut 4 Rasa Rp 29rb

Other desserts available


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