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Kinley Thai Bistro established since 2014 with the vision to serve Simple Thai Food yet Simply Delicious to our dear customers. klik disini untuk Bahasa Indonesia

Kinley thai bistro

Being a Thai who has lived in Medan since the year 2000 (2000-2014: for more than 14 years), we found difficulty finding simple Thai Food to eat casually and daily including side dishes and desserts. Being someone who love food and cooking, we have decided to bring Bangkok Street Food to Medan, so that now… everyone can eat Thai… daily and affordably 🙂

Authentic Thai Food by Thai Chefs and Thai Owner

We have brought in Thai Chefs to keep the originality and the taste of our food including importing ingredients from Thailand to keep the authenticity. However, we don’t serve any pork in our restaurant and has employed Muslim cook assistants and staff to ensure that our food are served Halal.

Halal thai food Medan

Best Authentic Thai Desserts in Town

Apart from casual food, we also pride ourselves in serving you the best dessert, including the now famous Khao Niao Ma Mueng. Taste the difference and the authenticity of Kinley’s Mango Sticky Rice! Our Mango Sticky Rice has received rave reviews from guests and posts in social media as “The Best Pulut Mangga in Medan” You can read more Kinley Reviews from our Instagram or posts of our Pulut Mangga Kinley

We have a take away counter for all our food and desserts so you can order take away or even order online via whatsapp , gofood , grabfood if you don’t have time to dine in or you want to serve our food at your home to share with family and friends.

We also pride ourselves in our authentic Thai Ice Cream, home-made with the freshest ingredients, with no food coloring nor preservatives. We love to cook and we love to eat. We are passionate about cooking and we are here to make sure that the quality is the best just like how we want to eat it. 🙂

We are also passionate about serving all our guests as friends and trained our staff to serve you well, if you feel happy about your experience, please share with your friends, if we have made mistakes, please email us and tell us so we can improve on our service.

Sun plaza Medan

Please visit us and bring your family and friends to Kinley Thai Bistro, we are grateful for all the support and great reviews from our customers since our opening and we hope you choose to make us stay!

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If you would like to contact us about supplying us, please email us at kinleybistro(at)gmail.com

Thank you very much, Kop Khun Kah.