Recommended Food in Bangkok

There are a lot of good food in Bangkok and a lot of guides about food in Bangkok, here are a few that we always eat whenever we go back to Bangkok for holiday, business and visiting family. Food listed here are not in order, just pick whatever fancy your taste buds.

We try to list you the food that are easier and convenient to find for you in Bangkok. As we write this page up in a hurry for friends, we have not posted photos. We will update this page with more photos soon. Watch this space:


Greyhound Cafe:

This cafe serves fusion Thai Italian food, the range of spaghetti is delicious but you must try the complicated noodle which is like thin slices of kwetiao serves with pork and chillies and crab fried rice. You can try the coconut ice cream desserts too!

There are many branches around Bangkok. You can also find them in Siam Paragon or Grove Central World. Visit their website for more details

EAT (Eat All Thai):

EAT is traditional Thai food found in Grove Central World. There are several seafoods that you will want to try like Thai Prawns with chillies, but we especially like the Crab Curry which you must try! Check out their Facebook page


Somboon Seafood Restaurant:

Quite popular with tourists of all nations, they have 7 branches in Bangkok, famous for seafood especially for their Fried Curry Crab. If you love crab you will want to try this. Find out their location in their website


Thip Samai – Bangkok Famous Phad Thai:

Famous among the tourists, usually there are long queues for this Phad Thai. Local Thai may not want to wait for this. If you want to feel the atmosphere of street food, you might want to try this out. The kopi thiam style restaurant serves only Phad Thai and they sell alot of it! Check out their Facebook for location and details


Jae Fai Hi Society Kopitiam

This one we recommend totally, just beside Thip Samai Phad Thai, is this small kopitiam style restaurant that serves very nice Thai style Fried Kwetiao Seafood Noodles and the famous Crab omelette. Pricy for the street food but well worth it!


After You Desserts Cafe:

This small cafe serving desserts have become famous with local Thai as well as tourists! Its more of Japanese desserts with a twist of Thai! A must try is the Kakigori! Yes Japanese desserts, famous flavors are Milo Volcano, Thai Tea or seasonal only the Thai Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori is a must try during its season.

Recently they open a new branch serving desserts everything Durian in Siam Paragaon, I love durians but the Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori still beats the durian!

There are many branches in Bangkok, almost in every shopping mall, read more in their website

Bangkok Street Food in Medan

When you are back in Medan, ofcourse the only place to eat authentic Bangkok Street Food is at Kinley Thai Bistro 🙂 serve by our MasterChefs from Bangkok.

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